Falegnameria Bianchini

Lift and slide

All lift and slide in wood joinery Bianchini, for one or more doors are also available with pre-built into the wall, with doors motorized and motorized Roman shade inside the glass room.

Door and Seesaws

The pivot windows joinery Bianchini, in that open vertically or horizontally depending on the specific design requirements, are the optimal solution for large windows that open out for ease of cleaning, handling characteristics and peculiarities of reserving a minimum footprint of interior spaces.

In addition to the traditional square and rectangular forms can also be realized in a variety of solutions, including circular and oval.


Horizontal pivot: the pivot windows with horizontal axis allow the realization of very large mirrors with development in width and rational ventilation of the rooms in the event of rainfall.

Vertical Pivot: applications are generally the same as the horizontal pivot but especially when mirroring grows in height. We can also make windows or patio doors with axis offset from the midline.

Hovering porthole: the use of hovering round a horizontal axis, allows to meet particular needs of design of the facades.


Peaking, Porthole, pivot windows and wood products with excellent materials and cutting-edge technology: everything to meet your expectations.