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Ponte Buriano

Ponte Buriano

Buriano Bridge is located on the main road 1 "of the seven bridges," notable for its length (m.156 of seven bays) and because of its longevity. In fact it is one of the oldest bridges and one of the few bridges been free from the ravages of World War II.

A few meters downstream of the bridge were found archaeological finds that indicate the presence, already in Etruscan or tardoetrusca, a ford driveway, or a pavement of stones that could be traveled with wagons in the lean periods of the river.

Passed here in fact the Cassia Vetus, the artery that connected the lucumonia of Arezzo to Fiesole, continuing after this bridge in costs for Loro Ciuffenna.

Some damage to some the existence of a Roman bridge in this stretch of the river, which widens soon after in a flat which at that time had to be swampy. The bridge is documented from 1203, even if you do not know the efficiency at that time; however, it is certain that it was rebuilt in 1277, in a period of great expansive power of the city of Arezzo and good relations with Florence, who was still a small town.

Several times the bridge was repaired by flood damage and those procured by the rafting of timber; and in any case has held to this day all cargo, including tanks of the Second World War.

The level of water under the bridge, which in the Middle Ages kept constant by a weir further downstream, is now supported by the dam Penne six km downstream.